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Bird Photography Location Guides

Have you ever wanted to photograph specific bird species but you didn't know where to find them, didn’t have time to search for them and/or couldn’t afford a photography workshop that would guide you there? I have the perfect solution for you. I’m in a process of creating a library of location guides, around New Jersey, New York, and even Florida and California states that will help you discover new places, and most importantly, get photographs you always dreamed of.

As a self-taught bird photographer, on a low budget, I spent a lot of time researching NJ/NY/FL/CA areas for best spots to photograph birds and wildlife. It took me several seasons, and many trips, to get a full understanding on how and when photograph birds there, for the best possible results. Looking back, I wish I could save my time “wasted” on other, less fruitful locations. Information like the one provided in my guides, wasn’t available back then. This is why I decided to create my Location Guides, to help others with their bird photography journey. To guide them to the right places, where birds and wildlife are accustomed to people and offer great opportunity not only to observe it but also to photograph it, at times, at close distance.

Save yourself trouble, time and money searching for cooperative wildlife to photograph. The locations I’m sharing with you, are proven to be successful year after year, with some being featured in the magazines and even winning international photography competitions.


Guide $20

Wood Ducks of Orange County, NY



Wood Ducks of Orange County, New York

One of a kind locations that offers close-up looks on both, male and female, Wood Ducks. In this guide, I will provide you with an exact location where to find this pond, where exactly locate yourself to get the close-up photographs of the Wood Ducks, how to get the shot of a Wood Duck swimming in a "golden" water or even perched on a tree.  For this location, you don’t need a super long telephoto lens. Any lens above 300mm/400mm, on a “crop sensor” body, is perfect most of time at this location.

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  • Location Map

  • Location and photography information on how to get specific shots e.g., “golden” or “green” water


Guide $30, updates: $10

Red-tailed Hawk nest

Passaic County, New Jersey



Red-tailed Hawk nest - Passaic County, New Jersey

This location offers one of a kind look, at eye level, on the nesting birds of prey. Views like these are very hard to come by!

Stay assured, your presence will not bother these birds! This nest's unique and distant location, keeps this family very comfortable with human presence. As you will learn on your first visit, these birds are accustomed to groups of people as well as loud noise.

To photograph this nest, it is best to bring the longest lens you own. I would suggest on bringing at least a 400mm lens (or equivalent) and 1.4x, or even 2x, teleconverter/extender.

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  • exact directions on how to get to the spot from where you will be able to observe and photograph this nest

  • information on how to get the "most pleasing" photographs of these hawks

  • additional tips on how to make the best out of the annual songbird/warbler spring migration in this park

  • access to location updates informing you on the current happenings at the nest: when/if hawks started to nest, chicks hatched, fledged etc. so you can make the most out of your visit - (first season of updates is included for free with the purchase of this guide)

  • location updates can be purchased separately, here - Location Updates 2019


Nesting shorebirds 

 Nickerson Beach, NY



Nesting shorebirds of the Nickerson Beach, Long Island, New York, USA

Free location guide to photographing birds at the famous Nickerson Beach. Home to Least and Common Terns, American Oystercatchers, Black Skimmers, Willets, Piping Plovers. This is the best place to photograph these species during their mating, nesting, fledging periods.

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  • map and location information

  • tips on getting the most pleasant photographs of these birds

  • access to the frequent location updates is available for purchase: Location Updates 2019


guide $30, Updates: $10

Heron Rookery

Southern New Jersey



Location Guide to the Heron Rookery in the Southern New Jersey. This location offers great opportunity to observe and photograph nesting Black-crowned and Yellow-crowned Night Herons, Glossy Ibis, Tricolored and Little Blue Heron, Great and Snowy Egrets, Boat-Tailed and Common Grackles an other birds.

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  • map and location information

  • tips on getting the most pleasant photographs of birds either perched or in-flight

  • access to location updates informing you on the current happenings at the rookery: when herons started to nest, chicks hatched, fledged etc. (first season of updates is included for free with the purchase of this guide)

  • location updates can be purchased separately, here: Location Updates 2019


Guide $45, updates: $15

Fall Shorebird Migration

Jamaica Bay, New York



Location guide to photographing migrating shorebirds at the famous Jamaica Bay, Long Island, New York.

This Location Guide is strictly written with photographers in mind. I share my expertise on how to get the most out of the shorebird photography at this renowned birding hotspot.

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  • map and directions to the multiple spots from where you will be able to get, highly desired, eye-level photographs of shorebirds

  • information on how to get the "most pleasing" photographs

  • access to updates informing you on the current happenings at this location: when shorebirds started to arrive, water levels, rare sightings etc. (first season of updates is included for free with this guide)

  • tips on clothing that will help you get the most out of your very first visit

  • helpful tips on safe approach of birds without stressing/flushing them, that can be used at many other locations

  • location updates can be purchased separately, here: Location Updates 2019


Guide $75, Pre-order: $55

Shorebirds of the Tri-State Area -

New Jersey, New York, Connecticut

Ruddy Turnstone


Shorebirds of the Tri-state Area - New Jersey, New York, Connecticut

Upon popular request, I will be finally releasing a guide to my 9 favorite locations to photograph shorebirds during their annual Fall / Southbound migration along the East Coast. This guide will include 3 locations per state. Some of these locations, I’ve been visiting for years and some I just (re)discovered this season. Stay assured, this guide will provide you with enough information to get you the best start from the very first visit. If I happen to find new, more productive places, I will add them to this guide. It is very possible that in the future, this guide will include more than 9 locations. Therefore by purchasing this guide sooner, you are guaranteed to get future updates for free, for much lower price.

This guide will be available in the Spring 2020 to give you enough time to prepare for the Fall season.

This guide does not include the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. If you are interested in photographing there, I offer a separate, very detailed guide here: https://www.greggard.com/blog/2018/8/jamaica-bay-ny-shorebird-migration-photography-location-guide

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  • general and parking information

  • map of the best spots to photograph birds from

    Tips on:

  • how to get the "most pleasing" photographs of birds without stressing/flushing them

  • clothing that will help you get the most out of your very first visit

  • online tools to plan and time your visit

  • free, future updates that could include more locations


What makes my Bird Photography Location Guides unique?

- free guide updates - every time I release a new version of a guide you purchased, you are welcome to request the newest update for free. If you happen to loose the original download, you will receive a free download. No need to pay the fee again. Free updates for life!

- free, one year, access to the Location Updates site. With help of the password protected site, you will stay updated on the situation at that specific location for the full season. First season of updates is included for free with the purchase of a guide. If you find it helpful, you will have an option of purchasing next season’s access for a small fee. Depending on the location, updates are provided weekly (Red-tailed Hawk nest, Nickerson Beach, Jamaica Bay) biweekly (Heron Rookery). During peak season, you can expect more frequent updates. For example, I was posting Nickerson Beach updates on average every 5 days in the Summer 2018, with some weeks having updates every other day.

- my guides are written for all photographers. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert. Provided information will help you all to get the most out of that specific location. Some of the tips in my eBooks can be “reused” in other locations as well.

- my guides, and location updates, will keep you informed on the current happenings at that specific location and will help you to plan your visit in the best time for the specific species/behavior, making your very first visit a success. This information alone, will save you a lot of time and money

- guides are downloadable in PDF form and are easily read on any computer and/or mobile device, so you can access the information not only at home but also in the field

- my guides are short and I get right to the point. No stories, no dozens of bird photographs just to up the number of pages. I realize that it is the information on that specific location that counts the most. Not the large number of pages filled with bird photographs. Also, the smaller in size the ebook is, the easier it is to download it, save and use on a smartphone

- I provide a map on where exactly position yourself to get the best shots during the sunrise and/or sunset hours to get the most pleasing photographs

- I try my best to provide enough information to get the most out of the specific location. Even for beginners! If needed, feel free to send me an email and I’ll do my best to provide more detailed information

You can see an example of what kind of information is included in my guides, and updates, by visiting my free guide to Nickerson Beach, here

How my guides differ from the more expensive workshops?

- First, the low price. Even my most expensive guide costs less than just 1 hour of the photography workshops available in NJ/NY area. Despite the low cost, my guides provide most (and sometimes even more) of the information on that specific location than these workshops. For a fraction of the cost of one day workshop you are getting enough information to make your trip successful on the very first visit. This helps you to save money and time

- You don’t have to rely on someone else’s schedule that is often planned many months ahead and may fall outside the peak of the action. As the dates are set, and cannot be rescheduled, very often these workshops end up being conducted in an unfavorable weather. With the help of my guides, you will be able to plan your visit on the day that suits your schedule best and you won’t be forced to photograph in the foul weather in fear of loosing a deposit for a workshop. Yes, most of the workshops require a non-refundable deposit to secure the spot

- You are free to walk around, without being “attached” to the group of people. You can arrive and leave whenever you want without the fear that you will miss important information when you are not with the workshop instructor

What you will not find in my guides?

- my guides are written solely with photography in mind. These are not (birding) field guides filled with bird information.

- my location guides take into the consideration that you are familiar with your camera equipment and that you know the technical basics of your camera and photography e.g., how to set the exposure correctly, how to get sharp photographs of birds in-flight etc. I hope to have this kind of information available, for free, on my blog soon. In the meantime, if you need one-on-one help with your camera equipment, in NJ/NY area, it might not be a bad idea to take an online photography class or a local workshop. If needed, I can recommend one. Just keep in mind that the cost will be much higher. Average cost of a workshop is +$80 per hour with minimum of 3 hours required

Completing the purchase

After making a payment, you will receive an email with a link to download the guide. Stay assured, all payment transactions are secure and the details (address, credit card information) are not shared with me. Payments can be made with any type of debit/credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.

Where the money goes to?

To be fully transparent, I want to share with you, where the money goes to. Proceeds from the sales of my guides cover the time (research, tolls, time spent in the field) and multi-year experience that went into the research and creation of the guides/updates for that specific location. Most importantly, the large portion of the proceeds, goes towards my annual donation to The Raptor Trust, the wild bird rehabilitation center located in the Millington, New Jersey (http://theraptortrust.org

What are you getting?

Information packed, eBook style, guide and access to the location updates page, helping you with finding and photographing birds at that specific location.