One of the most frequent questions I receive is what camera gear I use to get my photographs. Instead of constantly repeating myself, I decided to create this page.

I will start with my most used setup for bird and wildlife photography:

As of January 2019, I'm shooting with:

- Canon 1DX mark II camera -

- Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II Super Telephoto lens -

- Canon 1.4x mark III teleconverter -

- Canon 2x mark III extender - 

- Gitzo 3543 XLS carbon fiber tripod-

Because I started to record more videos, I switched from a regular gimbal head to a proper video head: 

- Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head - this fluid head allows me to get more stabile video clips with my 600mm lens. Currently, it is the cheapest video head that supports this kind of weight, at this price. Next step above it is a video head that cost over $1000.

If I go out with only photographs in mind, I mount my long-time favorite gimbal head:

- Jobu Jr. 3 gimbal head - I like it for its small and lightweight design when compared to other, full size, gimbals on the market like Wimberley WH-200

When taking low angle photographs, especially of shorebirds on the beach, I use a homemade "Skimmer Pod" - with any of above tripod heads mounted to it.

When taking longer hikes or when long lens is not needed, I use:

- Canon 7D mark II camera -

- Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II - - this lens performs very well with a 1.4x mark III extender giving me lens options from 100mm (without extender) to 560mm (with an extender). This mounted on a 1.6x crop camera body, gives me effective lens of 896mm. Just keep in mind that using a f/5.6 lens with a 1.4x extender requires a camera that is able to focus at f/8. 

Recently, I purchased a Panasonic G9 camera - with a 100-400mm lens for those moments when my Canon gear is either too bulky or too heavy to carry around. Like full day hikes which aren't planned around photographing birds but is good to have a lightweight 200mm-800mm camera/lens combo just in case ;) So far, I’m liking it and results aren’t bad at all. Here are some sample photographs: G9 I will be posting more soon.

Since I'm mostly shooting with a 600mm lens, the perfect bag to carry most of my gear is a Gura Gear G32L backpack: - the lightest backpack on the market than can fit this lens, as well as other items, and still fits carry-on restrictions when traveling. 

When scouting locations, I often use Nikon 7578 MONARCH 5 12x42 binoculars image quality of these binoculars is very good considering their relatively low price. Just keep in mind that 12x magnification requires a very steady hand and might not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, I would suggest to start off either with a 10x42 or 8x42 binoculars from the same line:

If you have more questions regarding my gear, do not hesitate to either email me or leaving a comment on my blog: