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Shorebirds include the: avocets, oystercatchers, phalaropes, plovers, sandpipers, stilts, snipes, and turnstones. In general, they have long and thin legs with little to no webbing on their feet. They are usually small bodied with long thin bills. The differences in their bill lengths and shape allow the different shorebird species to forage for food within their habitat either on dry soil, mud, or in shallow water. They can be found in inter-tidal mudflats, estuaries, or salt marshes. Shorebird migration spans a great distance. The migratory paths are influenced by geography, wind, and weather patterns. During the spring, summer and fall migration, shorebirds rest and feed at stopover locations. Shorebirds eat a variety of invertebrate prey such as worms, insect larva, amphipods, copepods, crustaceans, and mollusks. - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
American OystercatcherPiping Plover chick wandering along the Nickerson Beach, Lido Beach, Long Island, New York, USARed KnotBlack Skimmer chick under a parent's tail - New Jersey, USASemipalmated PloverClose-up of an adult Black Skimmer holding a just catch fish in its beak at the Nickerson Beach, Long Island, New York bird photographyRed KnotLeast SandpiperOne day old Piping Plover chick exploring the beach at the Nickerson Beach, Lido Beach, Long Island, New York nesting shorebird photographySemipalmated PloverBlack-bellied PloverRuddy Turnstone waling long the jersey shore - New Jersey shorebird photographyCommon Tern rising its wings while bathing in a shallow water at Nickerson Beach, Lido Beach, Nassau County, Long Island, New YorkSemipalmated Plover jumping up in an early stage of flight at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, shorebird photographyShort-billed Dowitcher standing in the shallow waters of the East Pond at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Gateway National Recreation Area, New York City, NY, USACommon Tern with a just caught fish in its beak - Nickerson Beach, Lido Beach, Nassau County, New York, USA beach nesting shorebird photographyAdult Semipalmated Plover pulling a sand worm out at the Nickerson Beach, NYBlack Skimmer carrying an eggshell out of its nests to fool predators - Nickerson Beach, NY shorebird photography birdingSemipalmated Plover standing on the beach at the Nickerson Beach, Lido Beach, Nassau County., Long Island, New York, USA shorebird photographyAdult Black Skimmer's silhouette as it flies low over the Nickerson Beach, New York