Wood Ducks of the Orange County, New York

Wood Ducks of the Orange County, New York

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I’ve spent many hours photographing, or at least trying to photograph, Wood Ducks at many other locations. When I thought, I found a perfect spot for them, and stayed well hidden, these skittish ducks knew exactly what I’m up to and never came close. After numerous tries, I gave up on getting a “good” close-up photo of a Wood Duck. This all changed after I stumbled upon this little known pond located in the Orange County, New York.
What is superior about this location, is that these ducks are accustomed to people and often come very close. No need to carry a big, expensive telephoto lens. At this location, it is possible to get a close-up shots with a 100-400mm lens (or equivalent) on a crop or even full frame camera.

Since I started visiting this location, I’ve seen at least 3 pairs of Wood Ducks coming back each season to breed here. Often, there are more males in the pond competing for a female. In one particular season, there were at least 6 males around...

In this guide, I will provide you with an exact location where to find this pond, where exactly locate yourself to get the close-up photographs of the Wood Ducks, how to get the shot of a Wood Duck swimming in a "golden" water or even perched on a tree. This location is good for both, sunrise and sunset photography.

Did I mention that you will get the close-up looks at the Wood Ducks? :)

Information in my guides takes into consideration that you know the basics of photography. How to properly set the exposure, how to operate your camera etc. Otherwise, I will suggest taking a workshop. If you need a recommendation for one, send me an email. I may know a perfect person for you.