Red-tailed Hawk nest - Passaic County, New Jersey

Red-tailed Hawk nest - Passaic County, New Jersey

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Red-tailed Hawk nest - Passaic County, New Jersey

This location offers one of a kind look at eye-level, or slightly from above, on the nesting birds of prey. Views like these are very hard to come by!

Stay assured, your presence will not bother these birds!

This nest's unique, and distant location from the viewing spot, keeps this family very comfortable with human presence. As you will learn during your visit, this park receives a lot of foot traffic and on some occasions, it can be very loud there as well.

In this guide, I will provide you with:
- exact directions on how to get to the spot from where you will be able to observe and photograph this nest
- information on how to get the "most pleasing" photographs of these hawks
- since this nest is active in Spring, I will share with you additional tips on how to make the best out of the annual songbird/warbler migration in this park
- you will get an access to the frequent updates informing you on the current happenings at the nest: when hawks started to nest, chicks hatched, fledged etc. (first year of updates is included for free) helping you to perfectly schedule your visit - Location Updates

You will get all this information without the need of attending an expensive workshop, for a fraction of its price!

To photograph this nest, it is best to bring the longest lens you own. I would suggest on bringing at least a 400mm lens (or equivalent) and teleconverters/extenders.

If you are interested in only accessing the updates page, you can do so by purchasing a season pass, here:

Information in my guides takes into consideration that you know how to properly set the exposure, how to operate your camera etc. Otherwise, I will suggest taking a workshop. If you need a recommendation for one, send me an email. I may know a perfect person for you.