Video of a Black Skimmer chicks being fed - Nickerson Beach, New York


Just a few days old Black Skimmer chick being fed by its parent:

The biggest draw to the Nickerson Beach, NY is the annual nesting season of the Black Skimmers. As it often happens, it is the hardest to predict the exact date of the first chicks to hatch. To solve this problem, Iā€™m offering Location Updates to the current happenings at the beach, which includes nesting period of American Oystercatchers, Piping Plovers, Common and Least Terns as well as Black Skimmers. You can follow these updates, here:

If you need help with improving your photography there, as well as to help you with a very first visit to the Nickerson Beach, I wrote an extensive guide on this spectacular place to photograph nesting shorebirds:


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