Nickerson Beach, NY - 2019 Location Updates

Nickerson Beach, NY - 2019 Location Updates


Season 2019 - Weekly Location Updates for nesting shorebirds at the Nickerson Beach, NY, USA.

Here you will find the latest news and happenings at the Nickerson Beach, as well as guidance on where to find the most photography worth nests. Timing is crucial. If you can visit this place only once or twice per season, I highly recommend following my updates as they will help you to plan your visit accordingly and will guide you to the right spot from the very first step you put on the beach.

Average update frequency in the season 2018 was every 5 days. During the peak of the nesting season, updates were posted every other day.

Updates are provided in a blog style manner. With each update being posted separately/as a separate blog post. You will have an access to the updates until the end of the season.

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