Young White-tailed Kite in flight - California


Juvenile White-tailed Kite in-flight:

Juvenile White-tailed Kite flying by - CA

Juvenile White-tailed Kite flying by - CA

Here is a vertical crop of the same photo

Here is a vertical crop of the same photo

This particular photograph was taken by my wife 😍 on our last trip to California.

Once again she outdid me 🙈 She was in a better position for this shot, even though she was only shooting with a 100-400mm lens (on a 1.6x crop camera). I was located much further away and didn’t even take this shot, even though I was at 1200mm.

At the beginning of our photographic journey, we were always photographing together and still produced different photographs. Often though, they were overlapping. Lately, we try to scout out different positions to better our chances to get a photograph. Especially, on those “once in a lifetime” situations. 

How about you? Do you photograph with your spouse/partner? Are you standing next to each other or scout out different locations?



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