Red-tailed Hawk nest - New Jersey


Adult female Red-tailed Hawk feeding a two day old chick:

Red-tailed Hawk feeding young - NJ

Red-tailed Hawk feeding young - NJ

If you look closely, under the white, fluffy chick, there is a stockpile of food brought in by a male hawk right after the two chicks hatched. This cache consists of a squirrel, rat and other rodents.

I photographed this Red-tailed Hawk nest in Passaic County, NJ.

To help others with improving their photography at this nest, I created a Location Guide that can be purchased here:

If you are interested in viewing the progress of this nest, you can view my videos showing the chicks from the week they were born to the week they left the nest:

- week 1 -

- week 2 -

- week 3 -

- week 4 -

- week 5 -


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