Common Eider male - Barnegat Light, NJ

Drake Common Eider shaking off water:

 Adult male Caommon Eider resting on rock
Long Island, New York

Photograph captured with a Canon EOS 1DXII camera paired with a Canon 600mm f/4 IS II lens and 1.4x extender, at 840mm, using following settings: 1/640 s, f/8, ISO 1600

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COEI, drake, ocean, winter

Common Eider is the largest duck in the Northern Hemisphere. One of the best places to see them, and to photograph them is Barnegat Inlet, especially the jetty at the Barnegat Light State Park, New Jersey. These ducks come down to our area for the Winter and often can be seen floating offshore in flocks of up to several hundred or even thousand birds. "Eider down, famous for its insulating qualities, is used in large amounts in the nest lining of these ducks, helping to keep the eggs warm in frigid northern climates. In some places, such as Iceland, the down is harvested commercially at coastal "eider farms," where the wild birds are encouraged to nest in sheltered nooks built for them." - Audubon

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