Piping Plover chick - Nickerson Beach, NY

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1 day old Piping Plover chick already exploring the beach in a search for food:

One day old Piping Plover chick exploring the beach in search of food at the Nickerson Beach, Lido Beach, Long Island, New York nesting shorebird photographyPiping Plover chick1 day old Piping Plover chick walking along the beach at the Nickerson Beach, Lido Beach, Nassau County, Long Island, New York

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"Piping Plovers forage for freshwater and marine invertebrates typically within about 16 feet of the water's edge. They run, stop, and tilt over to peck and probe into the soft substrates for marine worms, small crustaceans, flies, water beetles, snails, and roundworms among others. They also hold 1 foot in front of their bodies and vibrate it in the sand as a wave passes, possibly to bring invertebrates to the surface where they can easily grab them." - CornellLab

I photographed this cute "cotton ball" 😊 at the Nickerson Beach, New York this past summer. In an effort to help others on their next visit to this famous for nesting shorebirds beach, I wrote a free Ultimate Guide: http://www.greggard.com/blog/2016/7/nickerson-beach-ny-guide where I post frequent (in the season) updates where I find these birds. I hope you will find it useful! Let me know 😊


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