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Have you ever wanted to photograph specific bird species but you didn't know where to go and you couldn’t afford an expensive workshop? I have the solution for you. I’m in a process of creating a library of location guides, around New Jersey, New York, Florida, California that will help you to get the photographs you dreamed about and discover new places. Some of my guides are free but some, that offer the guidance to less popular spots, I charge a small fee. This fee not only covers many hours in the field looking for these locations but also the time required to create these guides. Additionally, large part of proceeds form the sale of these guides, will be donated by me to The Raptor Trust ( ), that handles over 5,000 birds for rehabilitation each year.

What makes my Bird Photography Location Guides unique?
- free guide updates - every time I update this guide, I will send you the newest version for free. No need to pay the fee again in a year or so.
- you will get an access to the location updates through out the season. I will keep you updated on the situation at the specific location (first season is included for free but I will charge a small fee for the next seasons) Depending on the location, updates will be provided weekly, biweekly or once a month throughout the season.
- my guides are short and I get right to the point (no BS, no dozens of photographs just to fill up pages).
- I will provide a map on where exactly position yourself to get the best shots during the sunrise and/or sunset hours to get the most pleasing photographs
- I try my best to provide enough information to get the most out of the specific location even for beginners

Information and photographs provided in these guides are copyrighted and cannot be redistributed or used for any commercial use without the written permission. Purchased items are a sole property of the author and buyer (person who makes a payment) and cannot be shared with any other parties.
Before making the purchase/reading any guide included on this website you agree to be familiar with a specific country/state/county/city law before making your first visit to that specific location. All guides/ebooks on this website are for information purposes only and I do not take any responsibility for any personal injury, property loss/damage by following the included information.

Due to the unpredicted behavior of the wildlife, I cannot guarantee its presence at the time of your visit.
All sales are final.
Nesting shorebirds at the Nickerson Beach, Long Island, New YorkWood Ducks of Orange County, New York